Tuesday, December 15, 2009

olive oil is perfect for...

removing make up! i have been using olive oil to remove my eye make up for about a year now, i heard about it on a youtube video, and ever since ive never used anything else!

so how do you do it?
1) everyone has those empty containers or bottles laying around, and if you dont go and buy a small plastic bottle with a top that screws on. i use a bottle that used to have almays eye make up remover in it, kinda ironic i know :).
2) buy (if you dont already own) a small bottle of olive oil and fill up the empty bottle you have.
3) finally when you want to remove your make up, take a few squares of toilet paper, a cotton pad, or a towel, and pour a tiny bit (like the size of a quarter) on to it and wipe your make up off!
tada! your done, this is the best makeup remover i have ever found, and my eyelashes are conditioned daily by the olive oil so they aren't dry and break as easily anymore!

if you try it, let me know what ya think!!

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  1. I use olive oil for my dry skin often, it sure helps.